Technology is ever-changing and so is your business. We’ll make sure they always run side-by-side, serving your business to its maximum advantage.

With all the all the care, monitoring and backup that fully comprehensive IT support brings, you’ll also have the advanced cloud and web expertise that proactively monitors the horizon for opportunities to improve your business.

With business security, compliance and continuity as our foundations, served by one of the most proactive, customer service desks in the industry, you’ll have complete peace of mind and freedom to innovate.

  • Unlimited telephone, email and remote support
  • Security and vulnerability audits
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery
  • System monitoring
  • Computer management and maintenance
  • Backup management and monitoring
  • Support for hardware and software
  • Compliance management
  • Annual system reviews


It doesn’t matter where you are, Cloud Focus remote IT support will take care of you. Working from home, across different sites, working from anywhere – we are here for all your IT requests and assistance.

These days, your IT department or service desk do not have to be on-site to help you. The cloud is always available, which means we are; and for those issues that cannot be resolved without a technician present, we’ll swiftly send a little piece of Cloud Focus to you.


If on-site IT support is required by your business model, perhaps due to the size of your organisation and number of users, Cloud Focus will provide your dedicated on-site service desk, staffed by professional, business IT experts.

Whether you need a full-time, on-site IT support presence, or part, Cloud Focus is entirely flexible. We’ve seen and worked with all business and organisation setups, and will happily advise you on the option to cover all contingencies.


Cloud Focus advanced IT support and assistance is available to you, with or without a contract. Response time and dedication to your business continuity and IT services are of the same exceptional quality. We will support you on an on-demand basis for as long as you need.

On-demand IT support may, for whatever reason, suit your business model. Cloud Focus understands every business model has different needs, so we have pay-as-you-go IT support options, with the ability to ‘top-up’ or be entirely on-demand as required.