We are experts in cloud applications and business tech, and can bring this knowledge directly to you. Capacity building, by training your people in cybersecurity, GDPR and demoing new tech, is an effective investment in your business.

Our Cloud Focus training technicians provide high-quality coaching in all tech for business environments. If you need assistive IT training for employees with disabilities, software product training or training for employees who are working in a new environment, perhaps after an office move, or newly from home, we can help. All training is flexible and can be carried out remotely if required.

Cybersecurity awareness

Staff security awareness training is highly effective in protecting your business from the everyday risks via phishing and other malware. If you pay cyber insurance, your premium may be positively affected by regular staff training, to keep current with the ever-advancing nature of cybercrime. We’ll train staff how to remain vigilant and what to do if they spot an attack.


We can help you to interpret GDPR legislation to ensure that your systems and procedures fully comply. We will train your key staff in what to watch out for and guard against, as well as help them put a strategy and controls in place. GDPR training ensures your continual GDPR adherence and protects you from the risks of non-compliance.

Demos and floorwalking

If you or your staff need training in new tech, process or strategy, we can appear in person or remotely. Maybe you need a Q and A following an IT change, or drop-in sessions for members of your team. We are adept at explaining technical procedures to a non-technical audience and can have your staff up, running and confident to carry out their work.