Your business functioning relies on the integrity of your data, so moving it from one source to another, or merging databases, requires a data migration plan that will not leave you at risk of inaccuracies or functioning below performance.

Cloud Focus meticulously plan all data migrations to ensure there is minimal interruption to your operation and is as stress and pain-free as possible. Whatever the benefits sought by your migration, we’ll make sure you’re quickly enjoying them without delay.

Microsoft 365

Whether you’re moving for the first time to Microsoft 365 or from one account to another, either from the cloud or on-premise service, your safe migration of files, databases and emails is assured.

Google Workspace

Making the switch to Google Workspace? Your data, files and emails are seamlessly migrated for full operation within your new cloud platform, with minimal interruption.

Microsoft Azure

Hands-on migration management to failsafe Microsoft Azure, either for part, or all, of your business functioning is taken care of by our data migration experts.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS), like many other cloud platforms is entirely scalable, potentially requiring staged data migration. Our experienced data migration team will securely move what your business needs.


Planning, managing and implementing any unique data migration from anywhere to anywhere: on-premise servers, email and web servers, and cloud platforms for your assured compliance and continuity.