In our experience, one innovative improvement produces a ripple effect and has positive effects beyond the original scope of the issue. If you have a business problem or area you know needs to improve, we’ll uncover the right solution and approach to help you capitalise on all available benefits.

System audit

The basis of any business strategy is an assessment of the starting point. We’ll run a system audit that gets the full picture of your system health and has all the information needed to allocate resource and action to their best effect.


The system audit will inform your strategy for change. If there are added issues you need to resolve, we will build in the actions so you gain as many benefits as possible. Whatever is at the root of the problem, we will plan what’s needed to eliminate it.


What a multitude of issues this covers. If you’ve got stuck with inherited processes, ‘laggy’ internet speed, large or small glitches that irritate you, we will eradicate all annoyance, to make for your happier, smoother working.

Business continuity

However unglamorous business continuity may seem, it is the essential backbone of any business, enabling you to face potential disaster with assurance. Let our professional business continuity consultant put your comprehensive plan in place for complete resilience of your operation.

Disaster recovery

Planning for mitigation of disasters is crucial to the survival of your business. We will assess the risks you face and present measures to mitigate them, based on the levels of impact and what is critical to your long-term operation.


Cloud Focus GDPR consultancy will not just review your current compliance, it will provide the plan to ensure your complete adherence to GDPR in every aspect. Data and technology are our areas of expertise; you’ll have nothing but confidence and a clear way forward.