You’ll never need to be dependent on your company server being online. Maintenance, backups and security updates are all managed for you. You can be free from any reliability issues.

With no need for expensive hardware and the ability to run consistent versions of software throughout your organisation, you’ll operate with increased clarity and enjoy less break-fix costs.

Private Cloud

Your own private cloud infrastructure built for you by Cloud Focus experts in a Tier 3/4 UK datacentre, where all your data is accessed within a secure, centralised environment. You’ll benefit from enterprise-level hardware and all Cloud Focus security, business and disaster recovery measures for power, connectivity and green credentials.

Microsoft Azure

Create a managed network or whole cloud setup in Microsoft’s robust, yet endlessly flexible cloud platform where you pay for exactly the amount of bandwidth you use. Responsivity and ability to scale up and down as required, enables your business to cope effortlessly with peaks and troughs of demand.

Shared Cloud

For a fixed monthly cost per user, take a place on the Cloud Focus shared cloud infrastructure, built to the highest specifications of business security, continuity, compliance, and disaster recovery measures. Increase or decrease the number of users you need as you go, according to your business needs.

Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD)

Previously known as Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), provide a secure virtual desktop environment for employees from anywhere. Entirely scalable and with multi-session capability, you can use all your existing licences and deploy virtual desktops in minutes, providing your users with the 365, Teams and Windows experiences they’re used to.