A cloud subscription to Office 365 will benefit any business, regardless of size or complexity. Recognisable, yet empoweringly new, Office 365 is your familiar Word, Excel and PowerPoint while delivering dynamic file-sharing capabilities, video conferencing and so much more to take your working to the next level.

Exchange Online

A rich, messaging platform that is part of any Office 365 subscription that includes email, or available standalone for those businesses that only need a hosted email service, Exchange Online connects messaging, calendars, contacts and tasks, seamlessly across all devices.

Exchange Online Protection (EOP)

Security and protection for email comes with any Office 365 subscription that includes Exchange Online, and Exchange Online only subscriptions. With Exchange Online Protection you won’t need any other in-house email security or application.

Exchange Online Archiving

Sophisticated, protected archiving service that comes with some Office 365 subscriptions, or is available as a standalone application. Improve compliance, data security and ease of access to all your organisation’s archived emails with Microsoft’s business-class archiving service.


OneDrive works with SharePoint and Teams as the file storage that syncs files between users’ devices. SharePoint uses OneDrive to sync users’ shared files, but on its own it can sync personal, non-shared files between devices. OneDrive is included with Office 365 subscriptions.

SharePoint Online

Creation and collaboration tool for organisations; create websites, workflow and manage projects. SharePoint Online is a powerful tool, included in some Office 365 subscriptions or available as a standalone application.

Power Automate

Power Automate is a powerful workflow tool that can be used to automate and streamline so many business processes. Rule-based tasks are simple to set up with this incredibly able application, with endless possibilities for eradicating manual, inefficient systems and making work, work better.

Microsoft Teams

Effortless, collaborative working and functionality is possible across multiple projects, workstreams and teams within organisations, and externally, with MS Teams. From two users, to your entire organisation and guests, multiple teams and group, and departmental, working is suddenly made possible, without endless emails to keep track of. Collaborative audio and video calls, messaging, file sharing, meetings online and off, across all devices are enabled.

Project Pro for Office 365

Powerful project management and capabilities are available, entirely integrated with your Microsoft Office 365 documents and files. Can be used at portfolio-level project management and below, to manage resources and collaboration across teams.

Visio Pro for Office 365

The ultimate in elegant diagram, flowchart and graph creation and edit. Visio Pro for Office 365 is packed with templates for you to choose from to effortlessly create even the most complex of visual illustrations for your business, project management and design purposes.