Whatever size of hosting you need, we have flexible and scalable solutions via our shared and dedicated resources, achieving the highest rates of uptime in the industry and serviced by friendly, customer-focused technicians.

Shared servers

If you’re a smaller business and don’t need the power of a dedicated server, our clever Cloud Focus shared server hosting will suit you. Secure, self-contained accounts ensure high data integrity at a lower cost, and you’ll always have the option to scale up or scale down if your business changes.

Dedicated servers

For larger businesses, especially those that require PCI compliance and certain configurations outside of shared server capabilities, a dedicated server is the recommended option for powerful, resilient hosting.

Backup MX

This is complete backup reliability for email. A valuable service that provides complete reassurance for those businesses and professionals that need solid email protection and inscrutability. If for any reason your primary server fails, Backup MX will accept and hold your messages until it’s up and running.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates

Build customer trust with the correct SSL certificate relevant for your industry. Cloud Focus compliance experts will advise you, from basic DV (Domain Validated) certificate to EV (Extended Validation) certificates, to give your customers the ‘green address bar’ and that extra level of confidence.