“It’s not difficult to work from home,” says Alan. “Some of us have been doing it for 40 years. It’s easy.”

Alan’s profession is in the tech industry, and in more recent years, he’s been a specialist cloud technology provider to businesses and organisations.

“You need to access your files. You need your data. Some people have a server on the floor of their spare bedroom. But cloud is really what they need.”

Alan has helped many businesses access cloud technology to enable them and their entire workforces to work agilely, including from home. Cloud technology is the future-proof model for businesses to use the latest applications and collaboration tools while benefiting from the renowned security and safety that cloud tech brings.

“For safety reasons just now, we can’t nip out with our laptop to the local café for a coffee and a croissant, but when we can, you’ll be able to, and work very ably with cloud technology. Or on the train. Anywhere there’s internet access, you can work.” says Alan.

But some business attitudes are still slow to change, and there’s the added problem of getting the fibre optic cabling necessary to enable the required speeds to service business traffic. But despite this, Alan has seen more and more workplaces now shutting up their offices, some for good, and making the move towards permanent home and agile working.

“We are raising our voices about the requirement for fibre optic. A server in your bedroom may give you what you need for now, but cloud is where the real benefits to business are.”

“It’s all helping the environment too,” says Alan. “Less cars on the road, less planes in the air. We are effectively saving the planet with cloud technology. We want to help as many businesses as possible get their people working from home, safely and happily. At the same time, growing and developing their business because of the benefits cloud technology brings.”

Office 365 and Microsoft Teams are just some of the collaborative tools businesses use to work effectively from home.

But Alan has some further advice.

“You do need to get up and get dressed. Have a shower or whatever, and sit down to work just as you would if you were in the office. Don’t put the television on. But put the radio on if you want. It’s easy.”