Cloud isn’t new technology but some businesses are still reluctant to say goodbye to the physical server in their offices and home offices, and make the switch entirely to the cloud

If you have a reluctance to moving your business’s computing to the cloud, let’s look at some of the possible reasons why.


If your business data handling is going to change, then it’s only right you have a concern about security. But reputable cloud providers make data security and compliance their starting points, absolutely integral to their product offering. The result is that cloud computing will, in most cases, actually increase a business’s data integrity, rather than compromise it.

Will the cloud go down?

That you’ll suddenly be left without your cloud provision at your busiest time of year, is a natural fear that not many would blame you for. But there are commercial incentives for cloud providers to ensure your absolute maximum uptime.

Every computer network, even a cloud one, has a risk of some downtime but most good cloud providers will have an operational backup ready to go in the event you find yourself without service. Plus, the reduced costs of maintenance and repair, compared to an in-house server are hugely in your favour.

Too big a change

For those who have spent their working lives around actual, physical storage of data and systems, backed-up every night, the change can be a big one to contemplate. And not only that, the completely different way of working that cloud computing can bring, may be a scary prospect.

The fear of change is real. And perhaps the key decisionmakers in your organisation are convinced but the workers doing the everyday tasks need convincing too. But again, a cloud provider who cares about the efficiency of your business, including the happiness of your staff, will take the time to plan and execute your migration so that everyone is comfortable.

Lack of understanding

If you don’t understand something, you will, naturally, be resistant to it. If you can’t define cloud, and know the crucial ins and outs of how it can benefit your business and revolutionise your working practices, then how can you move forward with it? You can’t.

Finding a cloud provider who talks in plain English, without a trace of industry jargon, is a good start in finding your way. They will talk to you, in words you can understand, about exactly what cloud is and how it can help you; hopefully even presenting the benefits to your particular business, once they know your organisation.

The cost

There’s always a concern that the ‘next big thing’ will end up costing you more in additional services and add-ons. But cloud computing really is the most cost-effective operation of entire offices, particularly where premises are geographically spread and where collaboration across departments is essential.

Sensible cloud providers will offer you pay-as-you-go options, as well as tiers of service desk and call-out support. There are savings to be had on the lack of hardware you’ll need to maintain with no need for expensive, inhouse kit, and the much cheaper staff laptops you can use.

In addition to the cost-savings associated with running the business, it is perhaps the improvements in your business efficiency and service delivery to customers that makes the most compelling case for cloud adoption.